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Stephanie’s file

September 17, 2016

Good afternoon Lisa,                                                                  October 31st 2011

I’m writing to you separate for the simple fact is that I’m a little more comfortable with speaking with you. I came into the office earlier to pick up a letter for my son’s daycare that I have asked for more than once for the past 3 weeks. Due to the fact that they are now charging me late fees of $25 each week because they expect to be paid every week. I was uncomfortable with the fact that I was written up by Mike Moran and Jose Cruz because I wrote and email stating how I felt about my previous attempts to get the letter just stating I get paid Bi-weekly and was told that if I speak with Craig about anything of this nature I would basically lose my job.  When I was hired I was told that I have to speak with Craig to let him know what I’m looking for or need. And that’s what I have been doing. I’m only doing what I was told. I was also told if I send any emails out that I had to CC Craig on them, again just doing what I was told. I’m not looking for any problems I’m just very hurt by the way everything went down.

I have a request. Due to the fact that I have asked more than once in the past 3 weeks about the letter, I finally got on Tuesday October 18th. This does not change the fact that I was charged twice which was a total of $50 that I was charged from my son’s daycare. This would have been avoided if I had received or the daycare received the letter I asked for weeks ago. I’m requesting a reimbursement of the $50, being this was not my fault they did not have the proper information they needed due to Mike and Jose. I came into the office with proof of being charged the $50 with all the dates and Mike told me that he did not need to see the proof.

I also felt that they were trying to make me say or get information to see if Craig had done anything inappropriate to me. First of all that has nothing to do with what I went in there for, that was irrelevant. I feel it was just a way to hear them talk, because the conversation was uncalled for! I went in to get a letter for my son’s daycare and I came out upset and in tears. I do want you to know that he has NOT been inappropriate to me nor towards me in any way shape or form and I enjoy working with him! Again, I’m not looking for any more problems I just don’t appreciate being told I’m over stepping my boundaries when I was following the directions that were given to me when I started. I did nothing wrong but state the obvious and they couldn’t handle that.

PS: I am resigning from your company effective immediately as of 6pm the end of my work day on 10/31/11. I don’t need to work for a company who has 2 men pull female staff into an office and threatens them with their job every time directions are followed. Nor do I need to deal with anyone trying to state that the person I work with acted inappropriately towards me when he did NOT!!! I don’t appreciate the disrespect from your company not only on my part but his as well.



My Response regarding Stephanie, ILS Mike Moran and Jose Cruz,

 Date 10/21/2011

Your right Stephanie you did nothing to over step your boundaries you were following the directions that were given to you when you were hired, and I know this because I’m the one that hired you along with Independent living solutions LLC (ILS) staff. And ILS Manager Lisa Martin was the one that stated it to DSS, James Dwyer in a team meeting. “We let him hire his own staff”

I was also there when ILS Manager Lisa Martin and Jose Cruz was told to cc me on all emails etc. Including cc my Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Medicaid Waiver doctor in a State DSS team meeting, it all has been documented with Jessica Rival from the State of CT Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities I have talked to her about it.

I was also there when ILS Staff told you to cc me and my doctor on all Info, etc.

As for ILS Mike Moran and Jose Cruz trying to make you say something/putting words in your mouth that wasn’t true about me, they’re trying to cover up screwing you over at the same time trying to destroy me and my program!

(I told everyone that someday someone is going to try screwing me over because of Jamie Arber now of Mindscape Industries, Patty Happy, of Employment Options LLC with the inaccurate information they put in my record trying to cover up their own imperfections, and now Independent living solutions LLC is doing the same thing!)

That’s why I, Craig Sears and Jessica Rival from P & A, in three separate State DSS team meetings asked for it to be removed out of my file because it was BS no big surprises here. DSS and my ABI waiver team did not do what they said they were going to do! You know what the funny part is ILS Manager Lisa Martin & Jose Cruz was part of the team; that says a lot about Independent living solutions LLC

I informed/ talked with Jessica Rival @ the Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities, my Medicaid Waiver Doctor, who told me he called James Dwyer @ DSS about this fact on 10/18/11 etc, and asked to have it documented about what they did to you and tried doing to me.

Stephanie I’m sorry ILS did this to you,  and what you stated in your letter “I don’t need to work for a company who has 2 men pull female staff into an office and threatens them with their job every time directions are followed” You may want to contact your own attorney, or Legal Aid on all of this!

The end of the day on 10/31/11 at 12am I will no longer need Independent living solutions LLC services, because of ILS & Mike Moran & Jose Cruz’s arrogant and irresponsible way of handling my case – Staff. They go kick rocks I fired them! On 11/1/11 I have a new ABI Medicaid Waiver program provider!

Sincerely, Craig Sears

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